Tiffany (palevoice) wrote,

Eye of God

Eye of God
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I love this picture
I love space
I love how constant, enormous, and mysterious it is

When you really take the time to look at the bigger picture and see how infinite, amazing, and gigantic our universe is, it will really make you see how insanely minute our world is. We're basically nothing. Our sun is one of the smaller stars in the universe. It's like a baby star.

This is a nebulla. Many people refer to it as Gods eye, but if you ask me, this is nothing compared to power and magnitude of our creators eye. I could see it more as being hmmm... maybe an angles eye watching over us. Gods eye is something more around the size of the universe and it consists of all the colors in the world along with a few we could never even conseve of. I also think if you were to look into Gods eye you would see all the power, peace and most of all love ever possible in all of creation.
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